Plating equipment is broken how to do?

No matter what kind of machinery and equipment, in the course of use will always encounter this or that failure, plating equipment is no exception. We often meet friends on the Internet ask Q: If the plating equipment is broken how to do? On this issue, what should be solved from three aspects.

1, routine maintenance

The purpose of routine maintenance is to reduce the probability of failure of plating equipment, extend the service life of plating equipment. Due to the particularity of plating equipment, we will not elaborate here. We are in the electroplating equipment factory, will be allocated daily maintenance guide.

Plating equipment is broken how to do?

2, to correct the wrong plating process

Is there any problem in the process? Such as the pre-treatment is clean; whether the process of washing is adequate; whether the good hanging and anode dissolved and DC power supply is normal. But also check the parameters of the plating process is within the specification, such as, ^ and bath components and additives, such as the use of; inspection also ask the operator to perform the process and the situation occurs, is a sudden or gradual Appears during the process. On-site inspection and inquiry should be meticulous and comprehensive, and should be promptly corrected for irregularities discovered. Generally speaking, faults caused by simple faults and single factors can be pre-treated.

Plating equipment is broken how to do?

3, find the source of the fault

In the event of the quality of the workpiece or plating equipment parking, this time we need professional equipment engineers on-site investigation, analysis to find out the cause of the fault.

Plating equipment is broken how to do?

Remember: a sudden stop plating equipment, or a large number of processing parts processing quality problems, must not be forced to continue to work. If forced to continue to work, may lead to more serious accidents or quality accidents.

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