Electroplated diamond wire saw products final classification and the correct use of it?

1. Jigsaw product final classification

The purpose of the final product quality inspection is to avoid unqualified products issued to users, bringing reputation and economic losses to the enterprise. To the final inspection, there must be quality standards, there is no test without quality standards, so manufacturers must first develop quality standards. Quality standards should include the inner diameter, outer diameter, tensile, torsion, the blade height, the blade rate, stacking diameter, surface corrosion resistance and other technical indicators. Specific parameters of these indicators there is no uniform standard, enterprises should be based on their product characteristics and process characteristics, through a lot of statistics to find out the regularity of data, to develop its own standard fit. Standards in the implementation of the actual situation to be continuously improved in order to ensure the applicability of the standard.

With the standard, there is a basis for testing classification, substandard products to be dealt with separately. Qualified products according to the rate of division of the series, different series corresponding to different users, different cutting parameters. Through a series of management, it is possible to make substandard products into qualified products, improve product yield, reduce user returns.

Jigsaw serialization management and user needs to adapt to the application. For those who need a higher rate of cutting edge, send high blade rate of goods, the demand for low-rate users, send low blade rate of goods, so to ensure that products are qualified. Otherwise, it may be a good product, returned by the user as unqualified, causing trouble for both supply and demand. Therefore, the final product classification management for the stability of product quality is very necessary.

2. Correct use of wire saw products

With the development of wire saw production technology, wire saw product quality has been greatly improved, the original cutting process can no longer meet the current needs of wire saw products. For high-quality wire saw embodies no good cutting effect. For high-quality wire saws must correspond to the appropriate cutting parameters. If the cutting parameters are not reasonable, not only incapable of cutting ability, but also not conducive to cutting quality, but also not conducive to improving cutting efficiency.

Experienced companies use the results show that a high-quality product line saw, corresponding to a set of optimal cutting parameters in the optimum cutting parameters, cutting the strongest, the best cut quality. Select the cutting parameters can increase the production efficiency of 50%, or even higher. For a high-quality product line saw, to develop a user to adapt the cutting parameters is relatively cumbersome, but necessary, or not be able to make good use of good jigsaw, reflecting good results. For a good quality jigsaw product, first according to the traditional process to use, and then increase the alignment speed, reduce the cycle ratio. After the line speed increases, gradually increase the feed rate, until the line than the bow. At this time, then adjust the alignment speed, and then adjust the feed rate. Repeat until you find the best set of parameters. At this time to note the alignment speed at this time, feed rate, alignment cycle ratio, line bow ratio, single line power, total power and other cutting parameters. These parameters are the cutting processes that are appropriate for the jigsaw used. Wire saw users should be based on different series of wire saws and cutting objects to develop different cutting process. If the jigsaw unit to use jigsaw correctly, will greatly improve productivity, cost savings.

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