Beijing Electroplating Society held a seminar

September 16, 2011, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astrium lecture hall, Beijing Electroplating Society held a "plating technology in the field of new energy development and application of" academic report, Electroplating Society and member representatives of more than 30 participants, The meeting was presided by Professor Meng Huimin, vice chairman of the society.

At the meeting, Mr. Gao Peng, Technical Manager of ZETA CORPORATION in China, gave a presentation titled "Introducing the Technology of Sewage Prevention and Control in Reverse Osmosis", and elaborated on several aspects such as theoretical basis, technical introduction, application examples and comprehensive analysis Anti-seepage fouling prevention and control technology content and application status in China, the report, the members and representatives of the Institute made an active speech, the pros and cons of the technology and application prospects in the field of electroplating have heated discussions, have said The technology has a promising future and the technology has benefited from this report.

In addition, Dr. Liu Hui Cong, secretary-general of Electroplating Society, introduced the development prospect and some new applications of electroplating technology on the topic of "development and application of electroplating technology in new energy field" and also provided some new ideas for member representatives.

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