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    Zhenjiang environmental protection electroplating zone is located in the Zhenjiang New District of Jiangsu province. It is located at the intersection of Shanghai economic circle and Nanjing metropolitan area. It has the advantages of superior location, convenient transportation, economic development and broad market prospect.  

   Zhenjiang environmental protection electroplating district covers an area of 273 acres, a total investment of $98 million, a total construction area of nearly 150000 square meters, electroplating wastewater treatment capacity of 10000 tons / day, with 6500 tons / day of water reuse, and the construction of a heavy metal electroplating sludge recycling system, plating bath test center, advanced and efficient logistics distribution center etc.. The processing range involves gold plating, silver, copper, nickel, zinc, tin, chromium, plastic electroplating, electroplating alloy, alloy plating, phosphating and so on. Supporting services in aviation, aerospace, automotive, communications, electrical appliances, electronics, civil hardware and other related industries, which can accommodate more than 60 professional electroplating enterprises.

   The emission of Zhenjiang environmental protection electroplating area conforms to the discharge standard of electroplating pollutants (GB21900-2008).




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